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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you

Thanks for dropping in and visiting with me. Please stop by anytime and feel free to leave a comment. I love reading them.  I have trouble replying to your great comments as I am not much good at working these darn computers.  So much I need to learn....Maybe someday..  :)

Tonight well actually this evening, hubby and I took our oldest grandson to a mexican restraunt. They were having Mariachi (sp) night. They play music and sing. It was quite good. Our grandson is 7 and he really enjoyed it. He didn't want to leave. We had to get him home so he could get in bed for school tomorrow.

Here is a funny little (Christmas)happening that happened at our house about 3 yrs. ago.  We thought our little grandson of about 3 1/2 needed a little guitar. So while we were at Cracker Barrel we saw one on display and kindly asked the associate there if they had more. She went to the back and got one for us. Oh we were so happy as most grandparents when in search of their grandchild that certain gift..
It was a day or two before christmas (due to shift workers in our family we don't have normal set times to have our christmas get-togethers) and we were having our family christmas. Of course mam maw likes to have the lights off and the tree lights on while we open presents. So....grandson opens this little guitar and is oh so happy with it. His daddy it is pink....Oh I was so upset with myself! The one that was out at Cracker Barrel was the wood look and I didn't realize they even carried pink ones. The associate must not have realized it either. She never asked which one we wanted. LOL .  Now we all laugh about the pink quitar.

Now our grandson is almost 8 years old.
About a month ago my grandson said "Mam maw, I want a guitar". I said ok. He said,"mam maw I don't want a pink one".  LOL   So I told him I would get him one and it wouldn't be pink. It was so funny because you could hear him pause a minute and then say "shooo".  He was really relieved that I agreed to no pink one.  Needless to say that pink one is being passed down to his sister.  I am sure that he will hear this story as he gets older. I now pay closer attention to color when I get their gifts. That just shows what happens when we are in the christmas rush...LOL

So have you ever done something silly like that?

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