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Monday, June 13, 2011

Better late than never....

I told ya that we had been working on my sewing room floor.   The floor is down, now we must paint and put baseboard down. I am just happy as a lark that the floor is down. I am in no BIG hurry to get to the rest. I just love this flooring. It is pergo from Lowes. It had the padding on the back. I think that is the way to go. Hubby, myself and my mom put it all down. Looks Great!!  We hardly had any waste. I have been waiting so long for this floor in our whole downstairs. I just wish it were done along time ago...Here is a pic
Check out the pic about the fireplace. Do I like snowmen or not??LOL I know,,, its June and I have snowmen pics up.  Thats ok isn't it? It's my house. :)


Linda said...

I love the floor. We have carpet and I hate it. I have been after my husband to pull it up and put in wood flooring. I looked at the Pergo and picked out one that I liked and wanted to buy it. I still haven't won the argument yet but I'm getting closer. Your floor looks wonderful and I like snowmen too! Great sewing room.

Anonymous said...

great floor and i love the snowman pic above the fire place