count down to christmas

Thursday, December 1, 2011


If you are a reader of this blog you know I have been working on a quilting UFO. It is called "Wing and a Prayer".  I pulled this ever dreaded bazillion pieces quilt out of its storage box and said I got to get this thing completed.  I posted about it in Oct. of this year. In Nov. we had a quilt retreat for 3 days at our local extension office. I was determined. I accomplished alot on this quilt. There were lots of times when I wanted to sew on this quilt but had to lay it aside and deal with life..  Anyway..... this week Mon-Wed I have been full steam ahead.. As of 1a.m. on this day Dec. 1, 2011 I am offically finished with the quilt top.....Yipeeeee... Boy do I feel happy....I am doing the happy quilt dance.. Now to get batting and get it to the quilter...   :)   I'll get a pic of it posted soon as my hubby will hold it up so I can take a photo.. 
Happy Quilting...