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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

fund raiser quilt....

I am so excited to tell everyone that the quilt I made for the fundraiser for my grandkids private school raised almost 400 bucks. Yipeee. You can see  photo of the quilt below.  It  is the scrappy quilt with light blue.  I loved the quilt and was hesitant about giving it away.    But I decided I could make another. Well you know how that goes. I can, I could, but I haven't and I probably will not.  There are just too many different ones out there to make two alike.. Do you make two of the same?  I am sure I will make more on the order of that one but not going to use the same colors.

I made one new years resolution...I think I will be able to keep it too.  :)
To quilt,, quilt,,quilt.

Happy quilting everyone

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