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Saturday, June 2, 2012

keeping my word....

I have been sewing on a project that I have had started. I have one more border to put on and then I will post a pic.  I actually cut the fabric that came in the kit  with the throw  but it was a little short. Thats ok I didn't care for the fabric they had picked out for the border anyway.  Maybe tomorrow I will dig in my stash and see what I have...crossing my fingers that I have red or green to match. I would really like to get this top completed so that I can move on to my next unfinished project.  (Getting anxious to start a new project:)   Do you get that way? Of course it is fun to complete one also.  Which do you like the best?

I am off to bed.    Have a great night and may all your quilty dreams make you smile..
and remember
...........A messy house is the sign of a happy quilter

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