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Friday, July 20, 2012

Just checking in.....

Hi everyone hope you are having a great summer.  My family and I seem to be rather busy just doing this and that and nothing important either.  
I have recently attended a Mon-Thurs. quilt retreat at Blue Licks State Park.  Retreat was small in number. Some had previous engagements, but those of us that showed up had a blast.  We all seem to accomplish lots and that was great. Sorry I have no pics because silly me forgot the camera. Actually I forgot to buy some new rechargeable batteries. :(      I promise to do better.....LOL
I worked on a dresden plate quilt and a quilt by Elenor Burns.  A couple of other ladies at the retreat are wanting to make dresden plates also.  Dresden plate bug has bit ... :) Thats what happens ya know,  one quilter makes one and then others want to make one too.  I am that way. So many colorways to make quilts I can never get all that I want to make done in my lifetime. 
Some one brings a new quilt to quilt group and I imediately want to put that on my list to do. Especially if it is a scrappy one. Thats ok though,  seeing those ideas keep us motivated. I just love quilts.
Hope everyone is having a quilty July....

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