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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful day...

Today it is 86 degrees and windy here in Ky. It feels really nice to open the windows and  do a little spring cleaning.  I have stopped cleaning and done a little bit of sewing before my little 13month old grandson arrives. He will be wanting to go outside I am sure. So we will do that.
Yesterday I went to Cincinnatti, Ohio  to the International Quilt show.. I had a really good time. Saw some beautiful quilts and lots of vendors. Wow... I would like 1 of everything.....especially the quilting machines!
I bought a pair of Dovo scissors. They are nice!!! I also got a walking foot for my featherweight.. It works perfect. I am very happy with both purchases..  Just a nice day..
Sorry no pics today.
Have a great day everyone!!

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Country Girl said...

The beauty of handmade things can make your heart as light as a feather - can't it? Sounds like a wonderful trip.