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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hell'o and Happy Spring....

If you wonder where I've been........let me say "sort of busy with everyday life and not alot to write about.."
Our quilt group had a quilt retreat at the first part of  March. Of course that was lots of fun. We have show and tell on Thurs. nights. I saw lots of beautiful quilts. It took a little over 2 hours to show them all. 
There has been very little quilting going on here at my house since the retreat. 
1 reason is that we have been busy priming bedroom walls downstairs, then taking at least two days for ME to decide what color to paint them. Boy that was a story in itself.. I have a terrible time picking colors to decorate with and to make a quilt with.  I love purples and pinks, but I don't want to decorate my house in those colors. I like thimbleberries colors, browns, creams, blues, greens, some golds, etc.  Anyway we picked a beautiful Valspar(from Lowes) color called Rainforest. I love it. Now I need to make a new quilt..LOL...Now I have an excuse to start another one...Oh did I need an excuse?? No not really.. I am always finding a new pattern online.. Check this one out... at McCalls quilting site......It is called Country Spirit...
Not only does it have this pattern there but it has lots of other quilting patterns.

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