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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Do you like Ray Stevens???

There is a video on youtube you might like to see.  Go to We the People by Ray Stevens.  I tried to put it here on my blog but to no avail.  So ya have to take what I call the long get there.  It is funny but true.  
We have had a gloooomy day here in ky. It is misting rain as we speak.  Hope the roads don't get icy..The temp. is only 32degrees. 
Today was a day for baking delicious homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Mmmm Mmmm good!!! I put chocolate chips in half the batter, raisins in the other half. It keeps everyone happy that way..  :)
I have been knitting a hat for my 3rd grandchild(a boy). He will be born in the next few days. :)   I have one completed. The 2nd hat is almost 1/2 complete.
I started knitting some socks before christmas. I never liked the looks of the sock the whole time but I kept on knitting. I got as far as the heel, still not liking the pattern at all.. The ladies at "knitting night" kept encouraging me to finish.. But.....I am the kind of person that if I don't like something I am doing I won't finish it.. So I on Wednesday night I came straight home and unraveled the complete sock.. Yip I sure did.. I feel so much better... Now I can search for a sock pattern that I like the looks of.  Oh well, maybe better luck next time.
Tomorrow I must get ready for our quilt retreat starting on Tues.  Hubby says we will sound like a bunch of hens.. Fun time is my goal..
Have a great night


Michelle said...

Have fun at your quilt retreat!

ACcountryFan said...

It's not that difficult to embed a music video in a blog. Go to the music video for "We The People", make sure it's the upload from RayStevensMusic. Once there highlight the embed code of the music video and copy it. Then you go to your blog page, create a new blog post, and paste the code in the big box under the title bar.

Afterward, click "preview" and you oughta be able to see the music video pasted onto your blog. I have a Ray Stevens blog page and I embed videos from time to time.

You can easily edit this blog post and add in the video's embed code and then re-publish your blog and the video will be visible. It's a lot easier to do than explain.

snowlady said...

Thank you country fan..Info very helpful.