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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello on this kinda sunny Sunday!

Of course I don't think it will be sunny for long. We are suppose to get(last I heard 4-6)inches of snow. Yipee..I love it but my dear hubby don't.. I just tell him "it will only be here for a little while, spring will be coming soon". It's suppose to start around  midnight...I'm staying up to watch it snow....  :)

Many thanks to those of you that stop by to read about my busy and somewhat crazy life. I came to my blog to post and saw that I had comments...Yipeee I was am excited.  I love reading blogs, expecially the ones that make you feel like you are right there visiting (quilting or knitting) with them.
Thanks so much

About the pictures of the tree carvings:
Not sure of the road number but when you leave Carter Caves Park entrance and make a right towards Grayson,Ky they are just a little ways down the road and on the right. Sorta neat I think!

Ok, now to somthing quilty-
I have put the prairie points on the John Deer quilt. Now to decide to add binding or just turn under the back edge and sew..Which shall I choose? I'm just not sure, but I need to get it completed so I can move on..
Oh, I have forgotten to tell you about something very important to me.........I am getting a long arm machine. It is used but I am tickled!! :)  Suppose to get it on the 19th or 20 if it don't snow.. That is one time I don't want it to. Not until I get my machine home. 
Do I need to name it? I have given my featherweights names. One is Olivia, the other is Rebekah. I always wanted  daughters and those were the names that I loved. But God gave me 2 sons that I love and I am thankful for them, and the wonderful grandkids that they have given me.
Well I have gone from quilting to grandkids. Not so bad now is it. My 2 favorite topics..
Gonna go and try to get something accompished today.
Have a great day and hope you get some quality quilting time to yourself..
Until next time...................... 

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