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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A thought..

I know it is hard to find things "made in the USA" but if we have that choice let's do it.  When you go to purchase something check all the items like it and just maybe one will be. My hubby and I were going to buy some hair cllippers and there were 3or 4 different ones on the shelf to pick from. They all had pretty much the same features so I was standing there looking at them and then I said to hubby, "where were they made?" Only 1 was made in USA. Guess which one we bought? Yip, you are right.. The one made right here in the good ole USA.    So lets keep what manufacturing jobs we do have, right here in our great country.I was surfing the web and found these 
There is actually more things made here than I thought.  I have family that works in manufacturing and if  I/we  don't support the factories  we won't be America as we know it. No one will have jobs to support their families.  So I am going to do my part where I can. 
Ok I am off to make some cookies..........mmmmmmmmm
Can you smellem?

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