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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

More Quilts

 This quilt was made for our quilt group that make fire quilts for people that loose their homes due to fires.
Just a scrappy quilt I made and gave away. 

Made for youngest son. He loves the outdoors.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Quilt Pics

Made this quilt all from scraps from my stash. I love scrappy quilts.

This quilt was made because a friend called my and said have you seen the disappearing pinwheel/churndash quilt. At that time I had not. So I got online and searched. I think I found it on Missouri Star Quilt Co.  So I made a block. I picked a start size of I think 12.5 block. It turned out to be a larger block than I like. So guess what happened....yip it was put in a plastic box and put away. One day while shuffling things around I came across it and thought... oh just get it out and make more blocks and make it a small quilt. So I did. It is actually a nice throw size. Turned out really well I think.  

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bird watching

This is another hobby that I enjoy. Although I am not a great photographer I love taking photos of birds.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Visit to Yellow Springs, Ohio

It was a lovely sunny warm day when we visited YellowSprings, Ohio a few weeks back. They have what is called a wool gathering there. If you like wool love to spin or  are a knitter or a crocheter you would love to visit. They also have vendors that sell soap and baskets.  Not sure of the dates for 2018 but I am sure you can google it.
Here is what I purchased. The yarn is for socks. I love baskets and I love purple. So this one wanted to come home with me.  

Finished Quilt

Here is a new quilt that I have just finished.  It washed up so crinkly and snuggly. It will be nice and cozy this winter. I used DMC thread on this quilt. Bought some valdani thread the other day gonna give it a try. Anyone have any experience good or bad with it?

Fall has arrived here in my part of the world. Cooler weather means more time for quilting and that always makes me happy.  Fall decorations have been out for two weeks. Seems that fall goes so quick and the decorations are hardly out long at all.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

shop hop

my boss had to be at a family wedding so her friend, myself and my hubby got the opportunity to fill in for her at the Dayton, Ohio one stop shop hop. It was an experience. Lots of work went into just preparing to get there. It was fun talking to everyone. Here is a pic of our set up.
Shop hops are fun. Lots of things to purchase that isn't at my local shop. If you haven't attended one check it out sometime when there is one near you. You won't be disappointed. The name of this shop is "Apron Strings Quilt Shop" located in downtown Maysville, ky. It is an old river town.   There will be a Quilt Show there in April of 2018 . There will be classes and  guest speaker.  The owner is Mary and she has a Facebook page if you would like more info. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I made this outfit for my dear granddaughter's doll.  I made it out of a piece of leather-like stuff I found in the car department for drying off your car. I think it is called a chamois. It is so soft and works for the project.