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Monday, May 28, 2012

My latest project...

I have been working on this trying to use up some of my scraps and also some of those fabrics that I wonder why in the world did I buy this...Seems like the more fabric that I cut up, the more ugly fabric there is when I open my cabinet doors. Do you ever feel that way?  I think I need to start on a pineapple quilt. That uses alot of scraps. We will see.... I have a couple of projects that I would love to finish before I start another....I just gotta get busy!!!!

Here's my latest...I have to add border now.

Something Quilty.............

(click to enlarge pic)
Another string quilt...These are just so easy and fun to make. This one has a light purple in the center of the blocks. This has not been quilted yet. It is at the quilters as we speak.

Don't this look yummy?

 Mmm Blackberries........

Isn't this pretty. Delicious too.  I just love to bake.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

tooooo close to my house...

Here is pics of some storm damage that was done less than 1/4 mile from my house..We really had some terrible winds with this storm. This was from March of 2012. There was a tractor inside (right corner) and it was turned upside down. How this happened I don't know.  This was a large barn. Too close to my house that is for sure.  I am glad that I have a basement..We were in it too........

Can you guess what I am making?

The products I am using are lye, olive oil and coconut oil.
This is the first time for me to try making cold press soap. This is suppose to be very luxurious.  I have made hot press soap 1 time. It 
turned out fine. I thought I would try the cold press and then decide which one my family and I liked the best. 
After it is trace and poured into mold.

 Here is what the soap looked like when cooled, cut and dried
Here is where I got the recipe.