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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quilt show.......

Spent Saturday at a Quilt show in Sharonville, Oh. with a couple of my friends. We met up with some more of our friends at the quilt show.  We had lots of fun. Bought a few things.(Quilty things of course).  Then we went to Frisch's for some lunch dinner combo.. Then one friend and I headed to the hospital to see a quilter friend that has just had knee replacement surgery. Took her a little something that we purchased at the show. I think it cheered her up.
Today I spent time with my kids and grandkids.  Tomorrow I am planning some sewing time.  I have 4 quilt blocks to make.... I best get up and at it early.  I think grandbaby will be here later in the day to see me and papaw...That will be fun...Lots of baby sugars....LOL
Happy Quilting

Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Quilting......

I have been very busy piecing a quilt top with 1930's fabrics. It is turning out very pretty. I just need to put borders on it. I would like to post a pic but it needs to be ironed. Maybe I will get to that today.  I have some important things like running the sweeper that must be done first. Although I would rather iron the quilt top... I know shame on me..LOL
We have been busy with our vegetable garden and our flowers. We have had lots of rain this spring and it has made the grass grow so quickly that we can hardly keep our yard mowed. At least it has been green!
Maybe I will get out the camera and take some pretty pics and load them on here later today.
Thanks for stopping by and checking in to see what I have been doing...

Friendship block for May

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Friday, June 4, 2010

mess up.

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As you can tell I messed up the previous (2) posts. Please over look my skills on blogging....LOL

New Project on the sewing table....

Do you see a quilt in these blocks...??? Yes it will be one soon. :) I have been sewing 2 1/2 inch blocks together for days....868 of them to be exact..... I have one more step to complete and then I can start sewing rows together...Yeah!!

Ok, enough for my blogging tonight... This computer is giving me fits!!! Going to get me some zzzzzzzzzzzz.
Happy quilting...


I finally have the quilt top completed for the little boy that is sick. I have it quilted and the binding on it. A lable is pinned on the back. I will stitch it down tomorrow. I picked a bright blue for the back. Hubby and I will be taking the quilt to the little fellow soon. We have never met him so I am looking forward to our meeting. His father was very touched that I even wanted to make this quilt. It has taken me a little while to get this made with everything that life throws our way. is ready to go.
This is the finished photo of the quilt I made for a young little guy that loves mickey mouse.  His family loved it and was very appreciative. 
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