count down to christmas

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Wish for You.......

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours..
Hope you have a great day and maybe even a little you time..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quilt Retreat

We just had a wonderful quilt retreat at our local cooperative extension office.  Boy did we ever have fun. I got alot completed. Much more than I would have if I would have stayed at home and sewed. I would have had to stop to put in and check on laundry, take out the dog, vacuum the floor, do dishes, prepare meals and on and on........I am doing the happy dance. We worked on our quilting projects from 9:30am.-4:30am.
We had lots of laughs and food.  I am nearing the completion of a quilt called "A Wing and A Prayer".  Will I everrrrrr be glad to get this quilt complete... Yes I will.  It is going to be very pretty, it just has lots of pieces.  I know one thing, when I pick out my next quilting project I will certainly look at the number of pieces in it. Just can't wait to finish and get it quilted put on the binding and get it spread out on my bed.. This will all happen in the near future.. pending day to day situations..
Happy Quilting.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

knitting photo....

I made this for my granddaughter for Christmas. The pattern is on  it is called Kit's Christmas cape by Cathy Bird.  Ravelry is a great knitting/crochet site. Lots of great people on there.

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Up to......

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What I have been up to.. Well.. In Oct. I went to the Wool Festive in Ky. My hubby bought me this lovely basket.  Have I told you that I love baskets. I love them even more when they are stuffed full of fabric scraps for quilting.  This one on the right has scraps in it. It is a fairly large basket. I think the lady that made this said it was a market basket. The basket below is a yarn basket. Both were made in the USA. 

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Want to know whats pink in that basket? It is a scarf for my grandaughter. She loves pink and loves shiney and sparkly clothes etc.

This is a very pretty yarn. I have started on my christmas gift making. I have some other things to make too so keep checking back if you like photo's of things others make. I have some quilt pics to add also. Just have to get hubby to hold them up so I can snap a pic. Christmas is coming fast. Ya better get busy if you are making your gifts. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave me a comment.