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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where has April gone???

This month, no wait....this year is rapidly flying by.... This will be one April we won't forget for a long time in the Ohio River valley. We have had nothing but storm after storm roll through where we live and sooo much rain.  I am looking for some nice dry days hopefully headed our way soon.
Not much quilting going on here at our house because we(me, dear hubby and my mom)  have been putting down beautiful laminate flooring in our basement (in my sewing room) and spare bedroom. Wow oh wee!!! It is looking Great.
I got hubby to put shelf supports in my cabinets that are full to the gill with quilting fabrics. Now I don't have to worry about my shelves sagging in the middle.
I am the type of person that has to accomplish something everday or I am down in the mulley grubs. Are you that way? It just feels so good to get a project nearing completion.
I have to do some painting but I can do that when dear hubby is at work. Then we have to put down baseboards. I am sure there will be projects after that. I can always think of something I want done to the house.
 Maybe I will try to take some pics and post. I am not much of a photographer especially of rooms. Anyway it is looking nice and so I am sort of getting motivated to quilt. Monday will be quilt group meeting and I am so looking forward to that. I am sure there will be lots to talk about and new ideas from the ladies.
Sorry no pics but maybe next time.
Have a great and relaxing day..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring is here.......

Temperatures warming up, grass is growing and lilacs are blooming.

The grass has been mowed twice and now the yard is covered with these.....

Red Birds

This is a photo taken by my mom in Jan.  These were some very polite red birds waiting at her feeder. They were waiting their turn to eat at the feeder. This was her first year living there at this house and having the feeder out. Word sure got out in the bird world for a great place to stop and eat. She has lots of red birds. I have lived here at my house for 14 years and we are lucky to have a pair of red birds, and we feed them every year. We have lots of chickadee's, they are a joy to watch at my feeder while I am doing dishes. My feeders are too far from my windows so I can't get good pics like my mom can. Her feeder is close to her windows. I get to enjoy watching her birds when I visit her.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sewing hint.......

I was surfing on and found this hint:

                                                                                           When you’re stitching your stripes together and the patterns aren’t matching properly, you’ll have your seam ripper within reach if you do as Marleen does.
“Tape the cap from a ballpoint pen to the side of your sewing machine to use as a holster for your seam ripper. You always know where to find it.”

That is a great hint. Those rippers are small and mine is always rolling off the sewing table.. This will cure that problem.

May all your stitches be straight...........................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful day...

Today it is 86 degrees and windy here in Ky. It feels really nice to open the windows and  do a little spring cleaning.  I have stopped cleaning and done a little bit of sewing before my little 13month old grandson arrives. He will be wanting to go outside I am sure. So we will do that.
Yesterday I went to Cincinnatti, Ohio  to the International Quilt show.. I had a really good time. Saw some beautiful quilts and lots of vendors. Wow... I would like 1 of everything.....especially the quilting machines!
I bought a pair of Dovo scissors. They are nice!!! I also got a walking foot for my featherweight.. It works perfect. I am very happy with both purchases..  Just a nice day..
Sorry no pics today.
Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

leftover scraps

This is what they made...
It is a 15x15 doll quilt or wall hanging... The blocks are 1 1/2 inch square. Little leftover pieces that I just couldn't throw away...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quilts for Sale...

This is a story I saw online back in 1998. I was digging through some things and thought it was worth sharing.    I don't know the author or the people in the story but I thought it was beautiful and gives one much to think about.........

                               From the Heart

The sign said simply, “Quilts for Sale.”
    I’d seen dozens like it along the back roads of Ohio, but for some reason this one held my attention. I slowed the car and turned down a gravel drive.
    I’m a quilter myself……a good one.  I have a degree in textile design, and I’ve even written a book on quilts.  My work had been praised for its technical excellence at shows and fairs across the Midwest.  Funny thing though—I’d never won a ribbon. I’d like to say that it didn’t matter, but…….
   After a rutted half mile, the gravel drive dissolved in front of a small clap-board house. A few chickens scratched in the yard, and a dog dozed under the porch….not very promising.
    I knocked gently and the door opened to reveal a ancient woman wearing an embroidered apron over a faded gingham dress. “Uh…..I’m here to see the quilts that are for sale,” I said. She smiled and nodded. “I figured so. Not many folks come here just to pass the time. My name’s Josephine.” “Pleased to meet you,” I said.  “I’m Molly.”  The screen door creaked as she pushed it open and ushered me into her home. It was dark inside, and my eyes took a moment to adjust. Taking my by the hand, the old woman led me to a cupboard and pulled open the doors. Inside was a rainbow of folded quilts in every color and pattern imaginable, so beautiful it took my breath away. “Help your  self,” was all she said, backing off. I carefully pulled down the top quilt and opened it. The pattern was Ohio Star—simple, yet engaging. I inspected the quilting closely….it was done in the ditch with large stitches, hardly precise, but the overall effect was stunning. I turned the quilt over to inspect the backing and pinned there was a blue ribbon embossed,       “First place, Ross County Fair.” I pulled down another quilt, and then another. Technically, each was flawed….but artistically, all were beautiful. And each one had a ribbon. I lost track of time as I worked my way down through the stack. Later, as I refolded the last one, the old woman spoke.  “See any you like?”              I swallowed. “All of them!” They’re wonderful. Did you make all of them?” “Mostly. A few of them are from my Mama.” I held up the Ohio Star. “Is there a story behind this one?” She chuckled.  “There’s a story behind every one of them. That star I made for my son when he was sent off to Korea—a star is for good luck. I made it from his old shirts so it’d be his star.  “Did he come back safely?” I asked. She nodded yes.
   I picked up another quilt.  “How about this one?” She studied it for a moment and then smiled before she related its story. We continued through the stack and night fell before we finished. The old lady switched on an ornate floor lamp.  “Which one do you want?” “How can you part with any of them?” I asked her.  “Each one of them seems to be so personal.” “I ain’t one for holding on to yesterdays. Besides, a quilt needs to be appreciated—I’ve got too many to give them all attention.” I shook my head. “I can’t believe all the ribbons you’ve won.  I’ve shown quilts for years without a single ribbon.”  She brightened. “You’re a quilter? I’d love to see some of your quilts.” “I have one in the car,” I blurted.  “Well, bring it in, child!”
A moment later I unrolled my quilt beside hers. She studied it carefully, squinting through her glasses. “Nice, even stitching,” she noted.  “The judges didn’t notice,” I said.  “Fine stitching isn’t everything, the old lady said.  “Why did you make this quilt?”  I was startled by the question.  To enter in the show,” I replied. “Where did you get the fabric?” she asked.              “From a store,” I said. The old lady nodded. “Your quilt has no Heart.  “I’ve never made a quilt just for show. Each of my quilts was made with someone in mind—and not always out of joy.” She pulled down a crib quilt.  “I made this after my youngest daughter died at age 6 months. The background is her nightie and this white is from her christening gown. This quilt has Heart—when I look at it, I see my daughter.”                                                                                            I nodded slowly.    All at once I understood the one thing I’d never known about quilting.
That was months ago. I read in the newspaper today that Josephine passed away. She was 91. I clipped out her obituary and pinned it alongside the blue ribbon on the back of my latest quilt—a Grandmother’s  Flower Garden pattern I’d made with gingham scraps Josephine gave me the day I met her. It isn’t perfect, that quilt. But it is the most beautiful I’ve every made.  And every time I look at it, I see Josephine.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amish books

If you like to read books about the Amish check  out this blog .... 

Birds in Flight....

Here's a pic of a quilt I don't think I've shown ya..
I made this for my mom..

quilt pics

king size for my moms christmas present a couple years ago.

attic window

Hell'o and Happy Spring....

If you wonder where I've been........let me say "sort of busy with everyday life and not alot to write about.."
Our quilt group had a quilt retreat at the first part of  March. Of course that was lots of fun. We have show and tell on Thurs. nights. I saw lots of beautiful quilts. It took a little over 2 hours to show them all. 
There has been very little quilting going on here at my house since the retreat. 
1 reason is that we have been busy priming bedroom walls downstairs, then taking at least two days for ME to decide what color to paint them. Boy that was a story in itself.. I have a terrible time picking colors to decorate with and to make a quilt with.  I love purples and pinks, but I don't want to decorate my house in those colors. I like thimbleberries colors, browns, creams, blues, greens, some golds, etc.  Anyway we picked a beautiful Valspar(from Lowes) color called Rainforest. I love it. Now I need to make a new quilt..LOL...Now I have an excuse to start another one...Oh did I need an excuse?? No not really.. I am always finding a new pattern online.. Check this one out... at McCalls quilting site......It is called Country Spirit...
Not only does it have this pattern there but it has lots of other quilting patterns.