count down to christmas

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby it's hot outside..........

So stay in and piece a quilt or surf the net for other quilters. Here is a site to help you  locate quilt blogs of quilters around the world.  Make sure you scroll down the page and you can find quilters across the world, and scroll down some more and you can find quilters in the USA. Lots of them. This will keep ya busy for a long time. Lots of quilting ideas and loads of pictures.
Here in Ky it has been in the 80's at night so you can imagine what it is in the daytime when the sun is beeming. Heat and humidity could be in the triple digits. Bring on the SNOW!!!! I am ready...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BOM (Block of the Month)

I was searching the net for mystery quilts and found a few. Although I am  just not sure I could take on a project not knowing what the end result would be. Number 1 reason would be...........I might not like it..
Numb. 2  would be I might have choosen a different color combo if I would have known what the pattern was going to look like.  Sooooo, I decided a block of the month quilt would be fun, the quilt is pretty, I get 2 choices, border or no border and by choosing either or border I can make it the size I want. So,,,if you are intrested jump over to here     ..
Of course I am already running behind on this but I am going on a quilt retreat this coming week so I will have time to get all caught up... Time will tell won't it.  Hopefully when I get back I will have several blocks to take photo's of and post here for you. 
If you are making this too and are gonna post to your blog leave me a message with your blog name so we can see the colors you are using.  I think this will be a great quilt to use up some of those scraps we have.
Until next time............

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have gotten some really nice comments by some blog readers and have no way to thank them or answer them.  So anyway thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.
I had a question about "what quilt group I was in?"  I am in a group that meets in my county and we meet at the local co-operative extension office.  We aren't a Guild. Just a simple group that gets together and sews all day once a month. Of course we have pot luck that day also. Lots of GREAT dished to try. We have some great cooks in our group.   We make "fire quilts" for those that get burned out of their homes and we make small lap size-to crib size and give them out during our christmas parade to those that attend that have little ones or are in wheel chairs.  The first year that I went to the christmas parade with the quilt group it was so cold we all like to have froze to death. Our toes and nose were froze. If only it would have snowed it would have been perfect. It was cold and it did seem like christmas.  Everyone loves the quilts that we hand out. Lots of work goes into making them.  We also have a quilt show at our local high school in july. It is called community days. There is always a big turnout. 
 Quilting is lots of fun, and ya get to meet lots of new people that normally one wouldn't meet. So, if you quilt and don't belong to a group or Guild, grab your fabric, needle and thread and go join one. I don't think you will be sorry at all.
Have a great 4th of July. And thanks to all the Soliders for serving our country.