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Friday, December 16, 2011

fundraiser quilt

I donated my first quilt.. It was for a fundraiser for my grandkids private school. Everyone was pleased with it.  I really liked it too.  It was hard to part with but I knew it was for a good cause.  There are lots more to be made. Now I must try to think of one to make for next year.  This one is really pretty in person. My photography isn't the best.
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Thursday, December 1, 2011


If you are a reader of this blog you know I have been working on a quilting UFO. It is called "Wing and a Prayer".  I pulled this ever dreaded bazillion pieces quilt out of its storage box and said I got to get this thing completed.  I posted about it in Oct. of this year. In Nov. we had a quilt retreat for 3 days at our local extension office. I was determined. I accomplished alot on this quilt. There were lots of times when I wanted to sew on this quilt but had to lay it aside and deal with life..  Anyway..... this week Mon-Wed I have been full steam ahead.. As of 1a.m. on this day Dec. 1, 2011 I am offically finished with the quilt top.....Yipeeeee... Boy do I feel happy....I am doing the happy quilt dance.. Now to get batting and get it to the quilter...   :)   I'll get a pic of it posted soon as my hubby will hold it up so I can take a photo.. 
Happy Quilting...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Wish for You.......

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours..
Hope you have a great day and maybe even a little you time..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quilt Retreat

We just had a wonderful quilt retreat at our local cooperative extension office.  Boy did we ever have fun. I got alot completed. Much more than I would have if I would have stayed at home and sewed. I would have had to stop to put in and check on laundry, take out the dog, vacuum the floor, do dishes, prepare meals and on and on........I am doing the happy dance. We worked on our quilting projects from 9:30am.-4:30am.
We had lots of laughs and food.  I am nearing the completion of a quilt called "A Wing and A Prayer".  Will I everrrrrr be glad to get this quilt complete... Yes I will.  It is going to be very pretty, it just has lots of pieces.  I know one thing, when I pick out my next quilting project I will certainly look at the number of pieces in it. Just can't wait to finish and get it quilted put on the binding and get it spread out on my bed.. This will all happen in the near future.. pending day to day situations..
Happy Quilting.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

knitting photo....

I made this for my granddaughter for Christmas. The pattern is on  it is called Kit's Christmas cape by Cathy Bird.  Ravelry is a great knitting/crochet site. Lots of great people on there.

click pic to enlarge

click pic to enlarge

Up to......

click to enlarge
What I have been up to.. Well.. In Oct. I went to the Wool Festive in Ky. My hubby bought me this lovely basket.  Have I told you that I love baskets. I love them even more when they are stuffed full of fabric scraps for quilting.  This one on the right has scraps in it. It is a fairly large basket. I think the lady that made this said it was a market basket. The basket below is a yarn basket. Both were made in the USA. 

click to enlarge

Want to know whats pink in that basket? It is a scarf for my grandaughter. She loves pink and loves shiney and sparkly clothes etc.

This is a very pretty yarn. I have started on my christmas gift making. I have some other things to make too so keep checking back if you like photo's of things others make. I have some quilt pics to add also. Just have to get hubby to hold them up so I can snap a pic. Christmas is coming fast. Ya better get busy if you are making your gifts. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave me a comment. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Movie ......

I am knitting dishrags and watching a great hallmark movie called "Finding a family". If you get a chance check it out.
 Haven't been posting much just been busy with everyday life.
I will try to get some pics up soon.
Hope you are having a wonderful autumn. :) 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wooo hooooo......

Quilt club tomorrow. Can you tell I love quilting? :)  Then I have knitting one night this week, and quilting another.. WoW... Quilting 2 nights this week.. Can't get much better than this. Well unless it would be quilting everynight. Sounds good to me.. But as you know everyday life gets in the way and I have to lay my quilting/knitting aside and do other things...Well I was in that perfect world for a few minutes...and wow was it wonderful.   :)
I have been making flying geese and trying to get a quilt called "wing and a prayer" somewhere near completion. Although it is nowhere near there. There is like a zillion flying geese in this quilt. If you google it, it will be the one in the brown color family with pinecones and berries. So pretty but lots of pieces. I will be one happy camper when this baby is finished.. Not sure which year in 20??.   But hey as of right now I am determined.....isn't that all that matters? After all it has been shoved to the back shelf for several months. Ever heard of out of sight out of mind? Well that was that quilt until my quilting friends said lets get that darn quilt out and lets finishem.. Ok great idea so we are working on them. One friend has hers finished. Three of us left to struggle through. I think we can, I think we can....

Leaves are turning here and autumn is sneaking in. The temps are cooling which is very OK with me.
Love the beautiful blue sky and the crisp air.
I hope you have a great week and lots of chances to quilt or knit..I'll be back soon and hopefully have some photos. Because if you are like me thats my favorite part of a blog....quilt pics.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not one I enjoy...

I started the book "Prairie Tale" and it is just not my kind of book. It is totally not what I was thinking it would be.  Guess that will leave more time for quilting.. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have been making salsa.  My hubby,  oldest son and grandkids  love this easy to make home made salsa. They can almost eat it faster than I can cann it.  Our tomatoes were small this year but they were meaty. Very good for canning salsa.

Here is what I have been working on as far as quilting. I really enjoy working on this kind of quilt because I can make them and not have to do a lot of planning and they use up scraps and especially UGLY fabric. You know that fabric that is in our stash that we pull out and think, "Where in the world did that fabric come from? Did I buy that? What was I thinking?" Cutting them down to 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 inches  don't make them look so bad.  Come on now I am sure we all have some. If you haven't tried making a string quilt, get out those scraps and sew one up. I bet you will like it and have lots of fun making it.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Made in America

There has been alot on the news lately about "things made in America " I was surfing the net and found this song by Toby Keith.  It is very good.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby it's hot outside..........

So stay in and piece a quilt or surf the net for other quilters. Here is a site to help you  locate quilt blogs of quilters around the world.  Make sure you scroll down the page and you can find quilters across the world, and scroll down some more and you can find quilters in the USA. Lots of them. This will keep ya busy for a long time. Lots of quilting ideas and loads of pictures.
Here in Ky it has been in the 80's at night so you can imagine what it is in the daytime when the sun is beeming. Heat and humidity could be in the triple digits. Bring on the SNOW!!!! I am ready...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BOM (Block of the Month)

I was searching the net for mystery quilts and found a few. Although I am  just not sure I could take on a project not knowing what the end result would be. Number 1 reason would be...........I might not like it..
Numb. 2  would be I might have choosen a different color combo if I would have known what the pattern was going to look like.  Sooooo, I decided a block of the month quilt would be fun, the quilt is pretty, I get 2 choices, border or no border and by choosing either or border I can make it the size I want. So,,,if you are intrested jump over to here     ..
Of course I am already running behind on this but I am going on a quilt retreat this coming week so I will have time to get all caught up... Time will tell won't it.  Hopefully when I get back I will have several blocks to take photo's of and post here for you. 
If you are making this too and are gonna post to your blog leave me a message with your blog name so we can see the colors you are using.  I think this will be a great quilt to use up some of those scraps we have.
Until next time............

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I have gotten some really nice comments by some blog readers and have no way to thank them or answer them.  So anyway thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.
I had a question about "what quilt group I was in?"  I am in a group that meets in my county and we meet at the local co-operative extension office.  We aren't a Guild. Just a simple group that gets together and sews all day once a month. Of course we have pot luck that day also. Lots of GREAT dished to try. We have some great cooks in our group.   We make "fire quilts" for those that get burned out of their homes and we make small lap size-to crib size and give them out during our christmas parade to those that attend that have little ones or are in wheel chairs.  The first year that I went to the christmas parade with the quilt group it was so cold we all like to have froze to death. Our toes and nose were froze. If only it would have snowed it would have been perfect. It was cold and it did seem like christmas.  Everyone loves the quilts that we hand out. Lots of work goes into making them.  We also have a quilt show at our local high school in july. It is called community days. There is always a big turnout. 
 Quilting is lots of fun, and ya get to meet lots of new people that normally one wouldn't meet. So, if you quilt and don't belong to a group or Guild, grab your fabric, needle and thread and go join one. I don't think you will be sorry at all.
Have a great 4th of July. And thanks to all the Soliders for serving our country.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Books on my list to read...

 These two are at the top of my list. Just love this author.  I don't like to read murder type books. I enjoy just everyday stories of peoples lives that are family oriented.
Just how much quilting am I gonna get accomplished with all these great books to read I am not sure .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Great Book....

This is a great book. I really enjoy her blossom street books. If you are a Debbie Macomber fan ya gotta read this one.
Ya know when someone that loves to read gets a good book there is/will be no quilting getting done.  Shame on me.. :)
Have a great evening.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Better late than never....

I told ya that we had been working on my sewing room floor.   The floor is down, now we must paint and put baseboard down. I am just happy as a lark that the floor is down. I am in no BIG hurry to get to the rest. I just love this flooring. It is pergo from Lowes. It had the padding on the back. I think that is the way to go. Hubby, myself and my mom put it all down. Looks Great!!  We hardly had any waste. I have been waiting so long for this floor in our whole downstairs. I just wish it were done along time ago...Here is a pic
Check out the pic about the fireplace. Do I like snowmen or not??LOL I know,,, its June and I have snowmen pics up.  Thats ok isn't it? It's my house. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Does this look good or what???

 Homemade pizza. Delicious!!!

Lots of cheese, mmmm!

Here's what I have been doing....

Friends at our quilt group gave me a gallon size ziplock and sandwhich size ziplock bags full of fabric scraps. Boy was I ever happy. I just love those tiny scraps! So I thought I would piddle around and do something with them. Here is what I have so far.. This is what I call a fun, no thinking sewing time....Sort of a stress reliever!
Not sure what they are going to turn into yet.... "Time will tell".      I'm giving them some serious thought. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer is here!!!

Yip it sure is. The temps here in Ky. have sure been hot this week. It is 1pm. here and my computer says it is 94degrees. Way too hot for me...

Here is what I have been up to in the past month... I have made a few flower arrangements. I went to Hobby Lobby and found their flowers were 50% off.. Yeah! So I bought an assortment.  Here is what 1 of the arrangements look like.

A little bit of time is being spent on this...It is a pattern off of ravelry called "Kit's Christmas Cape" by Cathy Bird. It is for 18" dolls like American Girl or their look alikes. It is actually a beautiful purple. Not sure what it is going to show up here. I'm gonna put eyelash yarn in multi colors around the edge. I think it will be cute. Granddaughter is gonna love it.

Thought for the day...
 Why do we park on
driveways, and drive on parkways....                                                                                          

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hi everyone....

I forgot to tell ya that mom, dear hubby and I went to Greenbo Lake State Park a couple of weeks ago to a Quilt Show. It was very nice. Lots of beautiful quilts. We talked with some very nice ladies and there were a few vendors.  Over all a great time. Greenbo is a very pretty park. This Church is located near the entrance of the park. Can't you just imagine that at one time it was probably a church/school. I can just imagine families pulling up, in a  horse and buggy dressed in their Sunday best (same out fit every Sunday) attending church. On weekdays all the children running out in the yard at recess or walking into the building carrying their tablet.  Oh how I wish I was a painter and could paint that picture that I am imagining in my mind.  Everytime my hubby and I drive by an old run down house that is really old and in very bad disrepair I always tell him that I  can just see little children running around outside, playing with sticks, or carrying in wood for the ole woodstove or fireplace.  Yes I love the ole days. Even though times were hard I think people were happier in their hearts, and family value was more dear.  So sit back take some time and reflect on your childhood and have yourself a smile or two.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where has April gone???

This month, no wait....this year is rapidly flying by.... This will be one April we won't forget for a long time in the Ohio River valley. We have had nothing but storm after storm roll through where we live and sooo much rain.  I am looking for some nice dry days hopefully headed our way soon.
Not much quilting going on here at our house because we(me, dear hubby and my mom)  have been putting down beautiful laminate flooring in our basement (in my sewing room) and spare bedroom. Wow oh wee!!! It is looking Great.
I got hubby to put shelf supports in my cabinets that are full to the gill with quilting fabrics. Now I don't have to worry about my shelves sagging in the middle.
I am the type of person that has to accomplish something everday or I am down in the mulley grubs. Are you that way? It just feels so good to get a project nearing completion.
I have to do some painting but I can do that when dear hubby is at work. Then we have to put down baseboards. I am sure there will be projects after that. I can always think of something I want done to the house.
 Maybe I will try to take some pics and post. I am not much of a photographer especially of rooms. Anyway it is looking nice and so I am sort of getting motivated to quilt. Monday will be quilt group meeting and I am so looking forward to that. I am sure there will be lots to talk about and new ideas from the ladies.
Sorry no pics but maybe next time.
Have a great and relaxing day..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring is here.......

Temperatures warming up, grass is growing and lilacs are blooming.

The grass has been mowed twice and now the yard is covered with these.....

Red Birds

This is a photo taken by my mom in Jan.  These were some very polite red birds waiting at her feeder. They were waiting their turn to eat at the feeder. This was her first year living there at this house and having the feeder out. Word sure got out in the bird world for a great place to stop and eat. She has lots of red birds. I have lived here at my house for 14 years and we are lucky to have a pair of red birds, and we feed them every year. We have lots of chickadee's, they are a joy to watch at my feeder while I am doing dishes. My feeders are too far from my windows so I can't get good pics like my mom can. Her feeder is close to her windows. I get to enjoy watching her birds when I visit her.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A sewing hint.......

I was surfing on and found this hint:

                                                                                           When you’re stitching your stripes together and the patterns aren’t matching properly, you’ll have your seam ripper within reach if you do as Marleen does.
“Tape the cap from a ballpoint pen to the side of your sewing machine to use as a holster for your seam ripper. You always know where to find it.”

That is a great hint. Those rippers are small and mine is always rolling off the sewing table.. This will cure that problem.

May all your stitches be straight...........................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful day...

Today it is 86 degrees and windy here in Ky. It feels really nice to open the windows and  do a little spring cleaning.  I have stopped cleaning and done a little bit of sewing before my little 13month old grandson arrives. He will be wanting to go outside I am sure. So we will do that.
Yesterday I went to Cincinnatti, Ohio  to the International Quilt show.. I had a really good time. Saw some beautiful quilts and lots of vendors. Wow... I would like 1 of everything.....especially the quilting machines!
I bought a pair of Dovo scissors. They are nice!!! I also got a walking foot for my featherweight.. It works perfect. I am very happy with both purchases..  Just a nice day..
Sorry no pics today.
Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

leftover scraps

This is what they made...
It is a 15x15 doll quilt or wall hanging... The blocks are 1 1/2 inch square. Little leftover pieces that I just couldn't throw away...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quilts for Sale...

This is a story I saw online back in 1998. I was digging through some things and thought it was worth sharing.    I don't know the author or the people in the story but I thought it was beautiful and gives one much to think about.........

                               From the Heart

The sign said simply, “Quilts for Sale.”
    I’d seen dozens like it along the back roads of Ohio, but for some reason this one held my attention. I slowed the car and turned down a gravel drive.
    I’m a quilter myself……a good one.  I have a degree in textile design, and I’ve even written a book on quilts.  My work had been praised for its technical excellence at shows and fairs across the Midwest.  Funny thing though—I’d never won a ribbon. I’d like to say that it didn’t matter, but…….
   After a rutted half mile, the gravel drive dissolved in front of a small clap-board house. A few chickens scratched in the yard, and a dog dozed under the porch….not very promising.
    I knocked gently and the door opened to reveal a ancient woman wearing an embroidered apron over a faded gingham dress. “Uh…..I’m here to see the quilts that are for sale,” I said. She smiled and nodded. “I figured so. Not many folks come here just to pass the time. My name’s Josephine.” “Pleased to meet you,” I said.  “I’m Molly.”  The screen door creaked as she pushed it open and ushered me into her home. It was dark inside, and my eyes took a moment to adjust. Taking my by the hand, the old woman led me to a cupboard and pulled open the doors. Inside was a rainbow of folded quilts in every color and pattern imaginable, so beautiful it took my breath away. “Help your  self,” was all she said, backing off. I carefully pulled down the top quilt and opened it. The pattern was Ohio Star—simple, yet engaging. I inspected the quilting closely….it was done in the ditch with large stitches, hardly precise, but the overall effect was stunning. I turned the quilt over to inspect the backing and pinned there was a blue ribbon embossed,       “First place, Ross County Fair.” I pulled down another quilt, and then another. Technically, each was flawed….but artistically, all were beautiful. And each one had a ribbon. I lost track of time as I worked my way down through the stack. Later, as I refolded the last one, the old woman spoke.  “See any you like?”              I swallowed. “All of them!” They’re wonderful. Did you make all of them?” “Mostly. A few of them are from my Mama.” I held up the Ohio Star. “Is there a story behind this one?” She chuckled.  “There’s a story behind every one of them. That star I made for my son when he was sent off to Korea—a star is for good luck. I made it from his old shirts so it’d be his star.  “Did he come back safely?” I asked. She nodded yes.
   I picked up another quilt.  “How about this one?” She studied it for a moment and then smiled before she related its story. We continued through the stack and night fell before we finished. The old lady switched on an ornate floor lamp.  “Which one do you want?” “How can you part with any of them?” I asked her.  “Each one of them seems to be so personal.” “I ain’t one for holding on to yesterdays. Besides, a quilt needs to be appreciated—I’ve got too many to give them all attention.” I shook my head. “I can’t believe all the ribbons you’ve won.  I’ve shown quilts for years without a single ribbon.”  She brightened. “You’re a quilter? I’d love to see some of your quilts.” “I have one in the car,” I blurted.  “Well, bring it in, child!”
A moment later I unrolled my quilt beside hers. She studied it carefully, squinting through her glasses. “Nice, even stitching,” she noted.  “The judges didn’t notice,” I said.  “Fine stitching isn’t everything, the old lady said.  “Why did you make this quilt?”  I was startled by the question.  To enter in the show,” I replied. “Where did you get the fabric?” she asked.              “From a store,” I said. The old lady nodded. “Your quilt has no Heart.  “I’ve never made a quilt just for show. Each of my quilts was made with someone in mind—and not always out of joy.” She pulled down a crib quilt.  “I made this after my youngest daughter died at age 6 months. The background is her nightie and this white is from her christening gown. This quilt has Heart—when I look at it, I see my daughter.”                                                                                            I nodded slowly.    All at once I understood the one thing I’d never known about quilting.
That was months ago. I read in the newspaper today that Josephine passed away. She was 91. I clipped out her obituary and pinned it alongside the blue ribbon on the back of my latest quilt—a Grandmother’s  Flower Garden pattern I’d made with gingham scraps Josephine gave me the day I met her. It isn’t perfect, that quilt. But it is the most beautiful I’ve every made.  And every time I look at it, I see Josephine.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amish books

If you like to read books about the Amish check  out this blog .... 

Birds in Flight....

Here's a pic of a quilt I don't think I've shown ya..
I made this for my mom..

quilt pics

king size for my moms christmas present a couple years ago.

attic window

Hell'o and Happy Spring....

If you wonder where I've been........let me say "sort of busy with everyday life and not alot to write about.."
Our quilt group had a quilt retreat at the first part of  March. Of course that was lots of fun. We have show and tell on Thurs. nights. I saw lots of beautiful quilts. It took a little over 2 hours to show them all. 
There has been very little quilting going on here at my house since the retreat. 
1 reason is that we have been busy priming bedroom walls downstairs, then taking at least two days for ME to decide what color to paint them. Boy that was a story in itself.. I have a terrible time picking colors to decorate with and to make a quilt with.  I love purples and pinks, but I don't want to decorate my house in those colors. I like thimbleberries colors, browns, creams, blues, greens, some golds, etc.  Anyway we picked a beautiful Valspar(from Lowes) color called Rainforest. I love it. Now I need to make a new quilt..LOL...Now I have an excuse to start another one...Oh did I need an excuse?? No not really.. I am always finding a new pattern online.. Check this one out... at McCalls quilting site......It is called Country Spirit...
Not only does it have this pattern there but it has lots of other quilting patterns.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New soup for me...

Tonight I was wanting something different..... I had just recently had white bean with chicken chili.  I really liked it. So I was thinking about trying to make it.   I had no recipe so I looked online. Found some recipes that sounded ok.  I just decided to make it the way I wanted it...Below is my recipe, and it is delicious....
White Bean/Chicken Chili
1 Tablespoon of Oil
1 Medium Onion (diced)
2 cans of Chicken Broth
1 can of Rotel tomatoes
8 small chicken tenderloins
1 Quart white northern beans
1/4 to 1/2 tea. rosemary
1/4 to 1/2 tea. thyme
1/4 to 1/2 tea. oregano
Boil Chicken tenderloins until completely done.  While the chicken is cooking , heat Oil in large pasta pan. Add  diced onions. Cook onions until they turn glossy. The pan will have a brown carmel look. To this,  pour in both cans of chicken broth, rotel tomatoes, qt. of white northern beans and the herbs.  Add the chicken when it is done. Let all ingredients simmer about 30 minutes.. Now dip you up a bowl and add a spoonful of sour cream. This makes it delicious..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

check this out....

Have you ever seen a birthday cake quilt? Well I was surfing the net and found this It is cute.  This person must surely have been a quilter. Cute cake.
Sorry no  pics on this blog today.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

free ebooks

If you like to read Amish type books or Prairie type romance books, Barnes and noble has the following free ebooks:
The Choice (Lancaster County Series) By Suzanne Woods Fisher
Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin
A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman
Heart of Stone  (Irish Angel Series #1) by Jill Marie Landis
An Autumn Wedding by C J Perryman
I found on Barnes and Noble that I had to type in the book name and author. They weren't listed in the free ebook section that I looked under.  This is even better than going to the library and checking out books. Ya have to have them back in 2 weeks and our library is 1/2 an hour from my house.  I have so many free ebooks now that it will be hard for me to get any quilting accomplished.. I'm going to have to get up a little earlier to make some extra reading time...... :) 
Now I am off to do some reading before my grandson of 11 months wakes up from his nap.
Happy reading

Saturday, February 12, 2011

baking day.....

Here is what I have been doing today....This is a blueberry crunch coffee cake. Get recipe here....  .  Also fresh bread baking .....mmmmmmmmmm delicious.....

Now to get it out of the oven and cool for just a bit. While it is cooling I will set out the butter to get to room temp. so that it will spread on the bread better when sliced... yummmmm  Hubby will enjoy this when he gets home from work.. His only regret will be that he wasn't home when it came out of the oven.. :(

New book

The Civil War Sewing Circle
pic from connecting threads
 If you have been wanting to get  Civil War quilt book by Kathleen Tracy they have it over at for 14.99.  I don't work there or have any connection with them other than I love to shop there. Just thought I would let you know about the good deal.
These Cival War colors and Thimbleberries are favorites of mine. I have ventured out of my box and made the pink quilt(in a previous post) and also have a really out of my box quilt coming up real soon.  It is going to be REALLY bright. We will see how it goes. After all spring will officially be here  in about 5 weeks. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Free ebook

There is a free ebook for a kindle or nook. If you search for it and can't find it go to and Bonnie has a click on me thingy on her page and it will take you right there. Soooo easy..
I finished:
BOOK #4 by Kathleen Morgan "Child of Promise" Brides of  Culdee Creek Series. They are great..
 Child of Promise by Kathleen Morgan

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eating right?

Do you always eat the things you should eat?? Like all your veggies, small portions of meat etc?????
Here is a delicious dish that I found surfing the net.... I for sure and certain think you will agree....  
Leave me a comment after you check this out if  you too like this..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feb. Friendship Blocks......

These are the blocks I have made for two different friendship quilts.

I won....

In December a quilt shop called "Apron Strings"  in our area had a set of 50 fat quarters in a christmas tin for a giveaway.  I signed up thinking for sure I wouldn't win. I put the tickets away in my wallet.  Right after christmas I saw the tickets and said to my husband, "I don't remember what these tickets were for", I guess they have already had the drawing....I apparently didn't win did I?  Anyway I didn't throw them out of my wallet for some strange reason. Aboout 1 week later on a Monday  morning, I received a phone call from the quilt shop. She asked for me. I was thinking the whole time the quilt shop employee was talking, why in the world are they calling me.. She then said, "you won the 50fat qtr. and tin.. WooooHooooo....I imediately said.. Here is what I won! One happy quilter...  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

book #3

Just finished "Lady of Light" by Kathleen Morgan. It's a wonderful book. Can't wait to get some time to read book #4 in the series.


There's a giveaway over at   There is fabric, quilt book and thread.. Jump on over and enter..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These 1/2 square triangles are what I have been fiddling with.. Sewed them together one day, pressed them yesterday.  I do have several.  What they will become I don't know yet.   The ones in the white boxlid are going on a 1930's quilt border.  So many projects......... :) 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Friday night sew in...... this is what I accomplished..
Now I must decide what I am going to do for a border. Any ideas?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew In............

This will be my first time for signing up for something like this but I think it will be fun. Everyone sews on fri. night and of course it is starting tonight.  Then we post something on Sat. about what we are sewing..
Handmade by HeidiIf you want to sign up just jump on over to      Let's begin!!  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book #2

I just finished  reading "Brides of Culdee Creek" series book #2 called "Woman of Grace".  It is a great book.  Don't this cover just make you want to get  a quilt, a cup of tea and a cozy chair to settle into and read on a cloudy snowy day...Ahhhhhhhhh thats the life.. Can you tell I love to read... Not getting much quilting finished.. :(
We are suppose to get  5-6 inches of snow..yipeeeee more reading time.... That is the reason I like winter instead of summer. More reading and quilting time....

Friday, January 14, 2011

what I am reading

I just finished reading "Daughter of Joy" By Kathleen Morgan. It is a great book.  It is the first in  a series called Brides of Culdee Creek. If you like good clean, on the prairie, romance type books give these books a try.
                  .  This ebook was FREE from Barnes and Noble. Now I must get the rest in the series. They are soo good. Good price on the rest in the series also.  
Do you have a Nook, or maybe thinking about getting one?  We have one and I am starting to really like it. Actually hubby is the one that wanted it.  I still like the feel of a real book in my hand but due to living so far from a great bookstore this will work.  It is very nice to have the ability to just click on a book, click to pay and in just a short time being able to read that very book. I didn't have to make the trip (1hr.) to go purchase a book.  I would like to have the color nook. It looks awsome. Do you have one? If so please leave me a comment and tell me your opinion on it.
Gotta run, it's time for my little grandson to arrive.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A thought..

I know it is hard to find things "made in the USA" but if we have that choice let's do it.  When you go to purchase something check all the items like it and just maybe one will be. My hubby and I were going to buy some hair cllippers and there were 3or 4 different ones on the shelf to pick from. They all had pretty much the same features so I was standing there looking at them and then I said to hubby, "where were they made?" Only 1 was made in USA. Guess which one we bought? Yip, you are right.. The one made right here in the good ole USA.    So lets keep what manufacturing jobs we do have, right here in our great country.I was surfing the web and found these 
There is actually more things made here than I thought.  I have family that works in manufacturing and if  I/we  don't support the factories  we won't be America as we know it. No one will have jobs to support their families.  So I am going to do my part where I can. 
Ok I am off to make some cookies..........mmmmmmmmm
Can you smellem?

the life...

Isn't this the life.... He usually sits up here and looks out the window, and barks if he sees anyone at the farm behind our house.

It is pouring the snow here. We are suppose to have 3-5 inches by 7pm. Yipeeee!! I love it.

I am off to get some sewing accomplished. I will be back soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

looking around the net.......

I came across a blog called "County Cabin Thoughts and Crafts" .
 There she was talking about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the 18 other innocent people that were injured or killed .  If you'd like  click here and read more.... I am not good with words but she done a great job.

On to something quilty.....I have sewed these strips and they are colorful. Now I must decide how I want to put them into a quilt...
These blocks  were sewn on my little "Olivia".
It is just such fun to sew blocks, get them squared up and then see what sort of a quilt comes to life from those blocks.  Hopefully it will happen soon. We are suppose to get 3-5 inches of snow starting tomorrow. That means sewing time..

Saturday, January 8, 2011