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Friday, October 19, 2012

Got the last one.....

I  kept lookng at the "Blueberry crumb cake" fabric each time I saw it at a fabric store....but didn't buy it. I kept thinking** later.  I need to figure out a pattern before I buy.... : )   I went to my favorite quilt shop just a few weeks ago and bought it.... mmmmmm so pretty.. It was their last one..  I can see why it went to fast. It is beautiful.. Now what will I make??I'm not sure.....

It is cool and cloudy here. Its good quilt piecing or reading weather. Reading is something that I haven't gotten to do much of lately. I've been babysitting alot. When I get the chance to read I don't like to put the book down when I get started. What are you reading?  Are you reading a great book that you would like to reccomend?  I just love to read. Reading takes me to places that I will never be able to travel too.

Take time to sew today. 
My hubby says I am happiest when I am sitting at my machine. :) 

colorful pics-nothing quilty...


This is a scrappy quilt that I have been working on recently. It is going to be a king size when finished.  That is why that it isn't displayed very good. My hubby's arms wasn't long enough.. 
I don't even have this one finished and I have another idea for one that is similar. I might work on it this winter.  I still have lots of scraps left for another. I am trying to use up some scrap/ugly fabrics. There are plenty of them in this quilt..
Pic below is the start of one of my borders.......

UFO finished..

Here is a quilt I just finished for my youngest grandson that is 2.5 .  He loves "tractors". 
Below is the back of the quilt.  I didn't think it really matched the front but I saw this fabric at Joann's Fabric and just knew it was meant for this quilt for him.  Actually I used a black binding and it looks great.  And guess what I done? Silly me let him have his quilt before I got a picture of it completed. Ohhhh where was my brain. Sometime I think it is on vacation. LOL 

Quilt with border..

Sorry the photo isn't great. Quilt hasn't been quilted so it was hard to hold up. I put a large border on this one so that after it is quilted I can put a scalloped  edge on it. I have never done one before and so I am gonna experiment on one for me.  Also made this twin size extra long so that I can put it under and over the pillow.  Everyone that sees this quilt top says that they like the brown and that they would never have thought to have picked a brown to go with it.