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Sunday, July 29, 2012

latest projects...

I have been getting something accomplished..Although at times it does seem slow.  We had a retreat and here is some photo's of some things I worked on... I have 18 of these blocks finished. Now I must fig. out how I want to set them up... check back and I will post pics when I get this top together..

Quilt number 2 that I am working on...

 Here is how this one is gonna go together..  This is a Elenor Burns quilt called "How Charming" Designed by Anne Dease. Of course this isn't done in the fabrics Elenor would have chose. Hers was what I call organized scraps.. Hers was very pretty but I wanted to use up my snowy fabrics.  This quilt will have a scalloped border(maybe). lol  Time will tell.  So if you are curious as to what this will look like....well just keep checking back.. :)

scrap quilts...

Here are 2 scrap quilts I have made and had quilted.  My youngest son took them beforeI took final pics after I sewed on the binding..

The purple you see here  is another quilt underneath..

sky just after the storm....

Here is some pics of the strange but awsome sky last night after the storm.
front of house

Can you see "what looks like a foot in this photo?" Weird! All three of these photos were take at only seconds apart. Some in the front of my house and some in the back. Look at all those colors.... This was a mean looking storm.. We just got rain.  Thank you Lord.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Embroidery thread

Have you heard of using Sulky 12 wt. thread to do embroidery?  I had not.  My friends saw it at a quilt show being demonstrated. She bought some and said it is wonderful. So I of course had to order some blue because I love to do "blue work".   I have not gotten around to trying mine out yet.  Have you tried Sulky? Whats your opinion?  Here  is their site if you would like to check it out.                                             

Have you heard of.....

Transfer Eze is for embroidery.  I haven't tried it yet but I am going to. I think it will make embroidering easier. If you have please leave me a comment of how it worked for you.  Here is a blog telling all about it.    
Check your local cross stitch store or quilt shop they might have it there. I am not sure where else would carry it.
Happy stitching.


Prayers  go out to the families of those involved in the shootings in Colorado. 

Just checking in.....

Hi everyone hope you are having a great summer.  My family and I seem to be rather busy just doing this and that and nothing important either.  
I have recently attended a Mon-Thurs. quilt retreat at Blue Licks State Park.  Retreat was small in number. Some had previous engagements, but those of us that showed up had a blast.  We all seem to accomplish lots and that was great. Sorry I have no pics because silly me forgot the camera. Actually I forgot to buy some new rechargeable batteries. :(      I promise to do better.....LOL
I worked on a dresden plate quilt and a quilt by Elenor Burns.  A couple of other ladies at the retreat are wanting to make dresden plates also.  Dresden plate bug has bit ... :) Thats what happens ya know,  one quilter makes one and then others want to make one too.  I am that way. So many colorways to make quilts I can never get all that I want to make done in my lifetime. 
Some one brings a new quilt to quilt group and I imediately want to put that on my list to do. Especially if it is a scrappy one. Thats ok though,  seeing those ideas keep us motivated. I just love quilts.
Hope everyone is having a quilty July....